Legally blind 85-year-old golfer sinks hole-in-one

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Vincent Costa doesn’t hesitate to call his recent hole-in-one a case of blind luck. And for good reason.

Legally blind for more than 20 years, Costa is a regular on the links at the Vasari Country Club in Bonita Springs where he and his wife Joan are members. On Monday, one day after celebrating his 85th birthday on Easter, Costa played a round alongside regular partner Michael O’Keefe and two first-timers in their foursome.

“Michael’s a friend so at the beginning of the round he tells these two guys, by the way, my partner’s legally blind,” Costa said. “And then I par the first two holes so they’re probably wondering if this was an April’s Fools joke.”

But that was just a warm-up for what Costa did on No. 16, acing the par-3 hole from 120 yards out.

“It was a 7-iron and I hit it flush,” he said. “Naturally I didn’t know where it was going because I never know where the ball is traveling. But then everyone had their arms up like I had just won the tournament. It was really exciting.”

The Costas, who split their time between Bonita Springs and Long Branch, N.J., have lived at Vasari since 2004. The couple will celebrate their 63rd wedding anniversary in May.

Vincent, who is legally blind in his right eye and has peripheral vision in his left, said he’s been playing golf for 60 years and never considered quitting the game, even as his vision deteriorated.

“It’s the only thing somebody like me could play in sports because I can’t see a moving ball,” he said. “I have good friends and a good family that are willing to golf with me and drive me around. They know exactly where the ball goes so all I have to do is get out of the cart and there’s the ball.

“So you need good friends, good family and a good attitude as well.”