Airbnb is using an anti Halloween party system

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If you're planning on throwing a Halloween party in an Airbnb rental here in Southwest Florida or anywhere, think again.

Airbnb is deploying an anti-party system powered by artificial intelligence to reduce disruptive parties around Halloween.

Here's what to know.

AI blocked more than 11,000 Florida bookings last Halloween
In 2022, Airbnb used AI to block 11,300 Halloween weekend bookings for entire homes in Florida. Airbnb officials say there was also a decrease in disruptive and unauthorized parties over the weekend.

“While disruptive parties are rare, we want to try to reduce the risk of them even more," Head of Trust and Safety at Airbnb Naba Banerjee said in a press release. "Our AI anti-party system is an important tool in helping us to do that, and we’re optimistic it will have a positive impact for our community and neighborhoods this Halloween.”

AI utilizes user information to determine party risk
In order to determine which users might be booking an Airbnb for a party, the AI tracks how far the user lives from the rental. If the user lives in the same area as the rental, they might be booking it as a party house.


The AI also tracks how far in advance the booking is made and how long the stay will be. A last-minute booking for one or two nights may indicate a party.

The party ban doesn't stop after Halloween
Airbnb is working on a global party ban to reduce unauthorized parties. Since the initiative launched in August 2020, Airbnb officials say there's been a global 55% year-over-two-year decrease in party reports.

Did you know?
Globally in 2022, only 0.039% of Airbnb reservations resulted in a party allegations.