30 Home Decor Trends on the Way Out

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30 Home Decor Trends on the way out


Just like the fashion and beauty industry, the interior design industry is always changing and picking up the latest and greatest trends.

New ideas and old classics cycle back into being stylish or being outdated every year. Seasons can also dictate what can be found in an average


Popular shows like Fixer-Upper on HGTV aided in the resurgence of shiplap and farmhouse chic decor themes in homes across the U.S. In response

to the rising popularity of farmhouse chic, furniture stores have begun carrying more rustic, lighter-colored, vintage-looking pieces to cater to the masses.

When it entered the mainstream market, homeowners covered their houses with farmhouse decor without figuring out if the pieces fit with the current style

of their homes. Eventually, interior designers began to call farmhouse chic “overdone” because the style became too accessible and (typically) done poorly.

You should probably take what the industry deems current with a grain of salt. Even experts in the field can’t 100% agree on what styles should be in or out.

Your home decor style should be a reflection of you and your interests. And whether or not you like a certain style, not everyone can afford to remodel and

decorate their home every year. However, here are our opinions on the decor trends that are on their way out.   Copy and paste link above...it's thought generating...